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Customized Baskets

Ah, Whatta 'Bout Mimi makes it easy for you to create a one-of-a-kind basket, customized with all of the lucky recipient's favorites!  First a few questions to help our design team and then a selection of some of the products we carry year-round for you to choose from.  Then just send us an email (sales@whattaboutmimi.com) or give us a call 502-583-4933 and we will create your custom basket.

It always helps us to know a bit about the recipient - gender, age, favorite colors, special interests.  We keep this information in mind as we create your basket.  Also, what is the occasion (if any)?  The result is a basket that not only includes all the recipient's favorites, but also has the perfect look!  

  • Edible Choices

  Mimi's Fudge - made right here in our store, so it is always fresh!!  We have a variety of flavors that include; chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate-peanut butter, cookies and cream, bourbon and bourbon nut. We often have speciality flavors available; jelly donut, chocolate mint, chocolate-raspberry, watermelon, cotton candy, butter pecan, red velvet and praline.  Our fudge is a KY Proud Product. 
  • Popcorn - butter, cheese, caramel, peanut butter chocolate, rocky road, blueberry scone, birthday party, cookies and cream, and caramel chocolate drizzle.  And bourbon!!!
  • Chocolates - Traditional creams and jellies, caramels and coconuts available in 1/2 ($10.99) and 1lb ($20.99) boxes.  We also have oversized party truffles ($3.49 each) available in a variety of different flavors.  Or we have Moonshine bars (combination of Belgium chocolate and fudge infused with a variety of different flavors and handpainted)  4 for $10.99 or 10 for $26.99.
  • Bourbon Items - Bourbon fudge, Bourbon balls, Mint Julep balls, Bourbon Turtles, Bourbon chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered bourbon sea salt caramel, bourbon chocolate covered Twinkie, Moonshine Bars (smoked whiskey, orange bourbon, black cherry bourbon)bourbon popcorn, bourbon pecans, Got Bourbon? shot glass, Got Bourbon Highball Glass, bourbon popcorn, bourbon smoked pecans, bourbon smoked peanuts, bourbon smoke snack mix, bourbon pretzels and bourbon barrel aged coffee.
  • Modjeskas - We carry the original Modjeska made by Bauers Candies.  A Modjeska is a homemade marshmallow covered in caramel.  We also have the chocolate covered Modjeska.  A KY Proud product.
  • Cookies and Brownies - ultimate chocolate brownie, red velvet cookie, chocolate chip cookie, Reese Peanut Butter cup cookie
  • Everyday Candies - M&Ms, Skittles, Sweettarts, Air Heads, candy bars, lollipops, and chips are always available for purchase.
  • Nuts - Smoked bourbon pecans,  bourbon smoked chili peanuts, bourbon smoked snack mix, bourbon smoke salt and pepper peanuts.