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Balloon Drops and Pops

Posted on September 16, 2023

We are all familiar with a balloon drop, the countdown begins and at "Happy New Year" balloons magically float down from the ceiling! Que Auld Lang Syne! Such a fun tradition! If you would like to make your balloon drop more memorable - jazz it up by including some oversized balloons versus the traditional 11" balloons that are normally used. Include a few 3ft and 2ft balloons among the regular size balloons and watch as your adult party guests revert to their 10 year old inner selves and start batting the balloons back and forth keeping the party going for 15-20 minutes after the drop has happended! 

Another twist on balloon drops (pun intended) have a few balloon dogs, flowers, smiley faces, etc in the drop. People will have fun trying to catch their balloon of choice.

Door prizes awarded with the balloon drops is exciting. Place slips of paper inside the balloons that indicate the prize. Be warned, though, this can really create a frenzy so not advised for crowds that may be too rowdy! This works best for corporate parties and conventions. 

Before deciding on a balloon drop, you will want to consider your space - how large of an area do you want the drop to cover? How many balloons will you need? What size net? Is you ceiling tall enough for a drop? Are there rig points on the ceiling to hold the net? These are all questions you will want to ask yourself or contact a balloon professional.

If it is determined your area is not large enough for a traditional balloon drop, you may want to consider a Pop Drop. Pop Drops are a fun surprise for your guests as they hang in the ceiling looking like a fun decor piece. A giant 3ft balloon filled with 5" balloons is a lovely decoration. It can be suspended from the ceiling or used as a balloon column topper. Just imagine, your guests surprise when you pull a line and the outer balloon bursts sending sending the 75-100 small balloons inside flying. These drops so affordable, you may want to have more than one!

Just a little something to think about for your holiday parties!

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